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About Marc 

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Marc Hanoud

Marc Anthony Hanoud was a special light on this earth.  He lived a life that made you feel important, special and heard.  He took the time to call, text or just stop in to say hello.  He was an amazing son, brother, uncle and friend….he was Re-Marc-able!


In September of 2019, our family received a call that changed our lives forever.  My amazing brother was in a boat accident and was missing.  

Our family knew how special he was but it was the following days that we realized how many lives he touched.  Immediately, the Coast Guard and Fall River Harbor Master started search and rescue and we had hundreds of friends, family and even strangers out looking for him.  


Our family found strength in seeing our community come together to help find him, days passed and the realization that rescue now became a hope that we could just find his body to allow us closure.  People continued the search in personal boats, walking the shore line and we had friends even hire a private helicopter.  We stayed vigil by the water and strangers would bring us food, prayers, hugs, smiles, tell us amazing stories about him and cry with us.


Thanks to the Massachusetts Police Dive Team, our family had closure. Two weeks later my kind and loving brother received over 2,000 visitors at his wake.  It was a true testament to the person he was. We heard many stories where people told us “Marc saved my life”; saving multiple people from drowning and making life ending decisions.  We never knew about some of these stories but it cemented the realization that Marc was an Earth Angel and now a Heavenly Angel to continue to help many people.

His passing put me on a spiritual awakening, I took tragedy and found my life purpose. I  started taking Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Herbal classes and working on releasing and accepting my own stored trauma. I felt and continue to be more conscious and at peace in my life, and knew I wanted to help others. Once I started thinking about creating Marc of Healing, a building became available that was built in the late 50’s by my uncles, who started their business in this space!  My parents and business partners, Antoinette and Monsour Hanoud, felt like this was a sign to move forward.  We created Marc of Healing, where people can visit to continue to feel the love, support and encouragement that Marc gave to so many. 

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