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Lymphatic Drainage

Rest, renew and rejuvenate as you are wrapped in a full body touchless massage. 

Air compression mixed with an infrared lined suit, provides light pressure and choice of heat with the inflation and deflation of 24 air chambers around your body.

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and necessary for our immune response. It is made up of a network of lymphatic vessels which carries lymph fluid. Lymph fluid is made up of white blood cells, fats and bacteria that build up throughout the body from digestion, for example. The lymphatic system relies on our muscles and movements to drain this fluid. If someone has poor circulation or edema, for example, pressotherapy can help to drain this fluid.


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Pressotherapy, also known as lymphatic drainage, is a non-invasive treatment that involves the application of air pressure, alternating between compression and decompression on parts of the body.


A sluggish lymphatic system means that our fluids can become stagnant and well up in the lymph nodes, which can result in water retention, infections, bloating, and cellulite. This treatment can act simultaneously on the blood and lymphatic circulation by promoting the stimulation of blood exchange and the drainage of toxins and waste. 

This Pneumatic Compression Treatment facilitates lymphatic drainage, boost in endorphins, reduces cellulite, fluid retention, decreases swelling and skin rejuvenation. Pressotherapy provides an alternative to manual lymphatic drainage, done with physical massage, so you can truly relax in this touchless service.


Benefits May Include

What are the health benefits of Pressotherapy?

  • Lymphatic problems

  • Poor circulation

  • Fluid retention

  • Oedema (swollen legs)

  • Cellulite

  • Stretch marks

  • To prevent varicose veins

  • Before and after liposuction

  • Provides a feeling of relaxation and well-being

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Lymphatic Drainage Infrared Pressotherapy

45 minute session for $120

Rest, renew and rejuvenate as you are wrapped in a full body, touchless massage. Air compression combined with an infrared lined suit provides light pressure & heat from the 24 air chambers surrounding your body. Treatment facilitates lymphatic drainage, boosts endorphins, reduces cellulite & decreases swelling. Not optimal for guests who suffer from claustrophobia, deep vein thrombosis, heart/cardiac failure or limb infection. Sweating is common, bringing a change of clothes is advised.

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