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Sound Healing Meditation

Sound healing is a growing field of alternative medicine that is known both historically and in a more
contemporary sense. Ancient cultures knew the healing benefits of sound and its vibrational qualities, offered
via the voice (the first instrument) and musical instruments like drums and bells. Sound therapy is known to
create positive effects on our mood and as a form of therapy to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Many people
find that after practicing sound healing techniques, they experience an increase in energy, improved mental

clarity, increased creativity, and better relationships.

All things living and non-living emit sound with a vibrational quality. These vibrations create an energy field in
and around the body, which is a signature of our health and well-being. Through stress, worry and negativity,
we create imbalance in this energy and our harmony. Sound therapy helps to raise our vibration, removing

undesirable energy, allowing harmony to be restored.

Susie uses a range of instruments, such as singing bowls, drums, chimes and the voice to create a healing
environment helping to shift the energy in the body toward homeostasis. Focusing on these soothing vibrations
helps you relax and release stress, anxiety, and tension. It also encourages deep breathing and, may include
meditation prompts and visualization exercises as well. Ideally, a hypnotic, meditative or theta brainwave state

is created which allows access to deeper levels of inner wisdom and healing

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At Marc of Healing, we offer a range of sound healing treatments that can be customized to meet your
individual needs. Whether you are looking for a calming meditation session, a chakra balancing treatment, or a
full-body sound massage, Susie will work with you to create a personalized experience that is tailored to your

unique needs and preferences.

Benefits May Include

Benefits frequently experienced during the session:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Decreased physical and emotional pain

  • Promotes relaxation and deep sleep

  • Boosts the immune system and circulation

  • Helps to balance the energy centers (chakras) in the body

  • Enhances creativity and intuition

Healing Therapy

Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation by Awaken Within

with Susie Makuch, LSW

60 minute Session for $70
35 minute Session for $40
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