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Re-Marc-Able Kids

As a collective consciousness we are starting to awaken.  Our adult community is learning how to better ourselves both in a holistic and spiritual sense.  We are shifting to live a more genuine and authentic life, connecting our mind, body and soul.  Generations are educating ourselves on natural, organic and safe remedies of our ancestors.  


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At Marc of Healing we want to help children feel

Our mission is to awaken, heal and hold space for the mind, body and soul of ALL AGES.  It was an aspiration for Marc of Healing to create a community of healers that allows children to thrive in an environment that feels both safe and nurturing.   A space that allows our next generation to learn mindfulness, mental and physical health; promoting self-healing, self-esteem, self- love and positivity.  We want to help give kids the tools to be equipped to grow into happy and healthy adults.  We welcome families of all ages to experience our well rounded selection of Holistic Spa Services, Healings and Classes, unique to our area.

What if we were able to learn these tools as a young child?  

  • To experience the emotional and physical benefits of new age holistic technology that can be done as family activity in a natural way without side effects? 

  • To learn how to exemplify the importance of self love, self awareness and breath work with Children's Meditation.  

  • Boost confidence, balance, and personal fitness in the mindfulness practice of Yoga.  

  • To give your child the gift of calmness, peace, and the feeling of energy to flow with a session in Children's Reiki.

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Parent & Me,
Himalayan Salt Observatory

Halotherapy is a 100% natural therapy that can help both adults and children manage their nagging cold, allergy, and asthma symptoms. It can also be used to keep children from getting sick, as a way to boost their immune system while staying healthy without side effects. Allow the children to play in the salt, relax and breathe in the healing benefits of Halotherapy in our magical and . Children must be accompanied by an adult, wear clean white socks and stay hydrated. 

*Safe for Children 8 months & up, 45 minutes

$70.00, additional child is $25.00

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Kid’s Cellular Cleansing
Ionic Copper Foot Bath

This Ionic Foot Bath treatment assists in drawing those impurities out through the soles of your childs feet into a copper foot bath. Children are to be accompanied by an adult and stay hydrated. 

*Safe for Kid’s Ages 8 & Up, time varies on age of child.


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Parent & Me
Infrared Sauna

Infrared energy is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum of light that has the ability to penetrate the human tissue, in a safe and healthy way, giving a soothing and relaxing warmth of natural sunshine, benefiting children's physical and mental health.  A Kids Treatment can assist to increase their core temperature providing a healthy internal fever that will rid their body of toxins, viruses, parasites, pathogens and boost the immune system. It will also oxygenate cells to help your child sleep better . Studies have shown that infrared may improve teenagers with skin conditions, children with psoriasis.  Children, particularly before puberty, don’t have the same ability to regulate their body temperature, so we adjust the time and temperature suitable for your child. Children must be accompanied by an adult, wear clean white socks and stay hydrated. 

*Safe for Kid’s Ages 8 & Up, time and temperature varies with age, 10 to 20 minute session with temp between 100’ and 150’ degrees Fahrenheit.


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Kids Yoga Classes 

with Rebecca Maderios, Owner Funny Farm Yoga

Have you been wanting to get your kids involved in yoga and mindfulness? Well, here's your opportunity to get kids moving in a non-competitive way! During this class, children will learn yoga poses, activities and breathing techniques. Your kids will quickly LOVE yoga! Please bring your yoga mat.

Parent & Me

Mon, Wed, Fri @ 11:30 am

*Ages 2.9-5  45 minutes

Family Fun Yoga in the Salt Room

Tues @ 10 am

all Ages, 60 minutes

Kids Yoga  - Ages 9 & Under

Tues @ 4:30 pm

45 minutes

Mindful Family Yoga

Tues @ 5:30 pm

45 minutes

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Kids Yoga
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Reiki for Kids

with Nicole Botelho, Owner Revive Reiki

Life can be stressful, especially for our children and teens. Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique that is beneficial for all ages. Calming the mind of stress and anxiety can aid in coping skills for the future. Treatment consists of Reiki(light touch) sound bowl therapy and aromatherapy. Please have child wear comfy clothes. Parents are welcome to sit in the session. Session will conclude with a consultation on what was felt for both child and practitioner.

* Reiki for Kids Ages 3-17, 35 minutes


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Created and designed by Nicole Botelho of Revive Reiki & Rebecca Maderios of Funny Farm Yoga.

This custom meditative experience allows our children's mind and body to heal with energy, movement and sound.  In Rogki, children will have the benefits of stretching and allowing their body to open up the chakra system while simultaneously receiving the benefits of reiki with the intentions of healing.  Positive thoughts, teachings and other healing modalities are incorporated intuitively into each class to help them find the best in themselves.  This event can also be scheduled for private parties at Marc of Healing.

Ages 9 & Up


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