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Nicole Botelho

Reiki Master, Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Healer

Nicole Botelho

Reiki Master Practitioner, Intuitive Healer & Spirit Medium

Revive Reiki


Reiki Master Certification (2019)

Nicole has been a Reiki practitioner for 3 years. She has had the ability to connect with spirit as a small child. She was forced onto her spiritual path in 2016 following the loss of her older brother, Stephen Botelho Jr.  Through Reiki & Mediumship, she knew that she could help people who have gone through a tremendous loss.

Nicole’s goal as a Reiki Master is, and will alway be, to remind people of their power and ability to self heal & learn to love themselves unconditionally.  “As a healer we simply do not just heal but we guide people back to their true selves with the knowledge of just how strong they are.”

Marc of Healing holds a special place in Nicole’s heart.  Her brother and Marc Hannoud were great friends growing up.  Nicole believes her brother and Mar helped connect Nicole to Marc of Healing and The Hannoud Family.  “For them I will forever be grateful for inviting me into their amazing holistic center.The energy and love that Marc of Healing provides is second to none. I am extremely proud that Revive Reiki is a part of this beautiful establishment.”

“My intention is to help guide, heal and connect with as many people as possible.


Nicole Botelho
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