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Grounding Therapy

Earthing Garden

Disconnect, as you escape in our mini indoor garden, surrounded by plants that sing to you and the grounding energy of our vibrational Earthing Mat.

Grounding Therapy

Earthing is a modern discovery and technology that realigns your body's electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth's natural grounding abilities.  Like your home, a negatively charged ground wire attracts positively charged electric cables, to protect you and your home from dangers of electric overload and a safe outlet for energy.  We are constantly bombarded with technology and electronic devices called Electromagnetic Field (E.M.F.) which causes our bodies to become overly charged which can make you feel anxiety, stress and inflammation.   


Our Earthing mat, paired with vibrational messages and the state of the art technology to hear our garden sing, will put your body in a more neutralized state. 

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Earthing Garden Therapy

30 minute session for $25

For optimum benefit we suggest staying hydrated before and after your treatment.  No electronics are suggested so that your mind and body can disconnect.  Our garden and plants have feelings too and sometimes may not be in the mood to sing.

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